Note: As of 8/12/2016, Tsuwamono has officially moved to a Roll20-only format, and this portal is discontinued. The game, characters, and all other relevant information is now hosted on the Roll20 website here.

Presumed dead, his family in shambles, and his children assassinated, former Daimyo of Yamato Province Hashinara Katamoto made a deal with powers unknown that will change fate not only for him, but for all of Sengoku-era Japan. Follow his story as Katamoto, with his loyal generals, seeks to gather influence and conquer the land, all to resurrect and restore his deceased daughter, the true Daimyo, to power once more.

Tsuwamono is a tabletop roleplaying game using the Anima system set in an interpretation of Sengoku-era Japan. Players take on the roles of loyal generals to the Daimyo Hashinara Katamoto and aid him in his bid to become the true shogun in a setting and system inspired by such works as Shogun II, Sengoku Rance, and Samurai Warriors among others.


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