Abe no Seimei

Legendary master of Onmyoudo.


The daughter of the minor deity Kuzunoha, Abe no Seimei is half-kitsune, although this lineage does not manifest itself in the usual ways. She has no fox ears sprouting from her black hair, nor a bushy tail behind her. Indeed, the only evidence of her ancestry are her eyes, which are dark and contain a slitted pupil, like that of a wild animal.

Though she is well over 500 years old, Seimei still appears to be a young woman, her lifespan extended far beyond that of a human’s both by magic and her kitsune blood. Many centuries ago, she was the greatest onmyouji in the land, and adviser to the Emperor himself. Though she was removed from the world for a long time after said Emperor’s death, she still carries herself with a regal bearing, her pride and confidence blatantly apparent in her demeanor.


Some time after the death of Emperor Ichijou, Abe no Seimei secluded herself from the outside world, waiting in an interdimensional space created by her mother, Kuzunoha, for another individual with the potential to be as great a ruler. The magicked barrier has been created in such a way that only those with such an ability would be able to discover it and enter. Many such individuals arrived to challenge Seimei over the years, but none were able to prove their strength and worth against her challenges, and so she continued to wait.

In the year 1559, a group of generals from the Hashinara Clan invaded Kuzunoha’s temple and discovered Seimei’s chamber. Though she originally thought the leader to be Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, as the others heeded his commands, Seimei clashed with him immediately. After involuntarily offending her once, Sansouke continued to deliver subtle insults, with Seimei responding in kind, if much more bluntly.

As the group defeated her summoned creatures, she gave them one final challenge. Vanishing from the room, she unleashed the power of her familiar, Rasaimoku, summoning a giant skeletal Bakekujira whale in the center of the room. Rasaimoku herself, now bearing the form of a powerful Oni, stood inside the monster’s mouth.

While the other generals struggled to battle the massive Bakekujira, a general Seimei had taken previous note of stepped forward and put a plan of his own into motion. Under Aotsuki Tsukamoto‘s directions, the Hashinara’s own Oni, Baby Huey, grabbed Kaimoku-donyo from the monster’s mouth, and absconded from the room. The link between Oni and Bakekujira broken, the latter crumbled into a pile of bones while the former lapsed into unconsciousness.

Greatly impressed by Aotsuki’s cunning and the manner in which the other generals respected his word, Abe no Seimei pledged her service to him, promising that, with her by his side, he would be the next Emperor of Japan.

After these events, Abe no Seimei accompanied Aotsuki in his invasion of Omi Province. With the assistance of her summoned Youkai, he was able to capture the castle and imprison all of the enemy Oda generals without any major casualties on either side. Under Seimei’s advisement, Aotsuki then requested that he be granted the position of Bugyo in the newly-captured province. Impressed with his skillful capture of the territory, Katsusada Shishauezaemon granted his request.

Only a day after the events in Omi, Seimei and Aotsuki were called to aid in the Hashinara assault on Ise Province. Despite her misgivings about leaving the castle at Omi largely undefended, especially considering the captured Oda generals and troops still held in its dungeons, she heeded her lord’s words and joined in the attack.

Though they helped to push the assault from the Northern front, Seimei’s forces were largely unneeded, and the battle ended without a clear victor, the Hashinara forces pulling back while the Oda-Tokugawa army cloistered themselves in the great shrine in the center of Ise.

Aotsuki and Seimei were quickly teleported back to Omi Province in response to reports of an important Oda strategist, one Kuroda Kanbei, appearing and requesting an audience. She was in search of a particular box, one which Seimei’s familiar, Isoko, had obtained in the previous battle, and was willing to do anything to obtain it. Eventually, Aotsuki negotiated that Kanbei would join the Hashinara, and that her box would be kept safe until he deemed her trustworthy, to which the strategist reluctantly agreed. Seimei, however, ensured that Kanbei pledged her allegiance not to the Hashinara clan, but to Aotsuki himself, further building his power base.

Abe no Seimei

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