Aka no Kitsunebi

Red foxfire.


The red counterpart to the blue Kitsunebi, and eighth daughter of the fox goddess Kuzunoha. She has been blind, deaf, and mute since birth, a circumstance of her divine ancestry interacting badly with her mortal half. Until recently, she relied on her brother, Ao no Kitsunebi, to support her with his psychic abilities, but has since become servant to Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, and now communicates with him telepathically to understand her surroundings.


The red Kitsunebi was present when Matsumoto Ooawagaeri was held in the Temple of Kuzunoha, but said nothing and took no action.
She later attempted to stave off the Hashinara clan rescuers when they attacked to rescue Ooawagaeri, but was incapacitated when they killed her brother, Ao no Kitsunebi, upon whom she relied for sight. After a short, blind struggle, she was captured, and subsequently given to the Matsumoto scion as a gift from Kuzunoha. Ooawagaeri quickly introduced her into the Hashinara mental network, allowing them to communicate. Aka responded badly to news of her brother’s death, but still followed Ooawagaeri on his scouting mission, alerting Shigeaki Fujino, and the rest of the clan by proxy, when he failed to return from reconnoitering the area. Fujino then returned her to the capital until her master could be recovered.

Once Ooawagaeri was freed from his stone prison, Aka no Kitsunebi was the first to know; the first individual he contacted. She remained in Wakigami, however, while her master left for a new adventure without making his return.

Aka no Kitsunebi

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