Baby "Tea Bucket" Huey

The fearless, undying general.


A huge, overmuscled humanoid with dark reddish skin, black horns, and a thirst for violence. Carries around a massive iron rod studded with spikes, and seems almost impossible to kill. Currently under the magical control of Hashinara Katamoto.
Affectionately named “Baby Huey” by the Hashinara generals, his other nicknames arise from his propensity to drink tea out of buckets rather than cups, as well as his new status as an undead monstrosity, courtesy of Katamoto.


The Akaoni was first discovered through the tales of refugees fleeing east from Wakayama and seeking shelter in Shima province. Said group of peasants were forced to turn back after the Oni appeared and destroyed their caravan, killing most of the refugees in the process. When he heard of this, Ryuuzaki Sanosuke informed Hashinara Katamoto, who gathered his most trusted generals and set forth to retire the beast from the area.
After some investigation at Kongobu-ji, the party found the Akaoni searching through the rubble of a destroyed caravan south of the temple. The beast had not yet noticed them, so, through the use of a cunning trap, they submerged it up to its chest in the nearby river, and Matsumoto Ooawagaeri attempted to freeze it in place like that, so that it could be decapitated at their leisure.
Matsumoto, however, fumbled his spell, and froze the river near the Oni, rather than around it, and the creature had no trouble bursting through the thin ice. The group prepared for battle, but Katamoto was prepared, and cast a spell of Dominate Life upon the brute, bringing it completely under his control.
Hashinara and his generals were subsequently ambushed by Amenotokotachi and Umashiashikabihikoji, working under the direction of the Chosokabe, and the Akaoni participated in the ensuing battle. It took great joy in flying around (courtesy of Ooawagaeri’s spell of flight), bashing forsaken samurai, and took a blow from Umashiashikabihikoji which might have instantly slain any other member of the party, but merely fazed and confused the hulking brute.

The Oni, henceforth affectionately named “Baby Huey” by the Hashinara generals, managed to break free of his magical enslavement twice, but was both times brought back under control by Hashinara Katamoto. He accompanied his master and the other generals to Iga province, where he participated in the battle against the revolutionary elements known as Igamono.
Baby Huey killed the ninja Stoplight, but was then surrounded by their leader, Vengeance, and slowly worn down. While Huey’s distraction enabled the other generals to defeat the remaining ninja forces before focusing on Vengeance, he was unable to land a hit on the enemy ninja, and soon lay on the ground, bleeding out, his regeneration unable to keep up with the severity of his wounds.
Once Vengeance was dealt with, Hashinara Katamoto cast a spell of ascension at the very moment of Baby Huey’s death, returning him to this world as a powerful undead creature. Katamoto’s subsequent attempts to control Huey failed, however, and he was forced to lull the brute into unconsciousness via a failsafe he had installed during the transformation process. That is, a soft lullaby taught to him by his grandmother.

Baby Huey, still not under Katamoto’s complete control, was kept unconscious until the battle of Awa Harbor against the Chosokabe, during which Matsumoto Ooawagaeri teleported him onto the enemy walls to wreak havok. He was brought under psychic control by Chosokabe Morichika, however, and jumped back off the walls to engage Hashinara forces.
Huey destroyed a squad of Hashinara ashigaru, almost killing all of them before Hashinara Katamoto managed to bring him back under control with a spell to control undead. Chosokabe Nobuchika attempted to sway him with her own abilities, but failed, and he inflicted severa casualties upon the enemy forces.
After the battle, Baby Huey approached Katamoto and, using his newfound intelligence as an undead creature, spoke with him, saying that he was tired of being a tool, and wanted freedom to fight as he pleased. Katamoto reasoned with Huey, and offered to make him one of his generals, and an official vassal, with all the fighting and honor that would entail. After some deliberation, the Oni accepted.

At the battle of Tosa province against the Chosokabe, Baby Huey, aided by Matsumoto Ooawagaeri’s spell of flight, launched a surprise attack against Amenominakanushi which killed the enemy commander. A void nexus arose from her shattered corpse, and threatened to suck Huey in, but the Oni general resisted it with his massive muscles (and supernatural nature) long enough for Ishikawa Goemon to destroy it.

Later, when word was received of Hosokawa Gracia‘s contingent moving through Yamashiro province and toward Izumi, Baby Huey was deployed as the leader of one of three strike forces to capture Harizono fortresses in the area and slow or stop Gracia’s advance. Huey accomplished this by attacking the southernmost fortress aided only by his fifty Tea Bucket Men, and almost singlehandedly killing all the military forces stationed there.
When Gracia’s contingent arrived at the fortress, they were ambushed by the three forces, and a large-scale battle erupted. Baby Huey moved to join the fight, but was interrupted by the appearance of Tsutsumi Houzan, who accused him of killing the soldiers at the fortress unprovoked, and attempted to arrest him for this crime. After several exchanges, it became clear that neither Huey nor Houzan held an advantage, as neither was able to harm the other. Seeking another route to justice, Houzan asked Huey whose authority he was operating under, and was directed to Chosokabe Nobuchika, who was commanding one of the other squads. This freed Baby Huey to clean up the remainder of the Oda-Hosokawa forces, the generals of whom had already been defeated by the others.
Huey proceeded to accost Sen no Rikyu upon her reappearance, and confiscated from her several crystals, which he then presented to the lead Hashinara generals as gifts.

Later, Baby Huey entered the tournament hosted by Hashinara Katamoto alongside Tsutsumi Houzan, on the agreement that whichever one of them was not victorious would join the other’s squad. That is, if Baby Huey was proclaimed Champion, Houzan would join the Tea Bucket Men, and if Houzan was successful, Huey would be forced to join the Yamashiro Vigilante Association. As the latter organization did not actually exist, this seemed like a sound agreement to Katamoto and the other generals, and one to which Baby Huey happily agreed as it allowed him a chance for more fighting.

In the first round of the tournament, Huey faced off against Tanefuji Shinryu, a veteran member of his very own Tea Bucket Men. Shinryu, who was already tired of being a member of said organization, had hoped to earn a promotion or at least a transfer by way of success in the tournament, but, though he put up a strong fight, he was mercilessly beaten by Huey in the end.

The second round had Baby Huey fighting Joguma-donyo, a fellow Oni, albeit a much smaller specimen. Both exchanged blows for a time, with Huey actually being able to damage Joguma through her heavy armor, but it became clear that she was landing far more strikes. Not wishing to be rendered unconscious, and thus miss the events of the tournament, Babs surrendered, giving due respect to Joguma-donyo’s strength.

During the events surrounding Akechi Mitsuhide‘s declaration of war, Baby Huey was called to Wakigami’s east gate, but was given no further instructions. He grumpily stood guard there for several hours, checking carts and interrogating travelers to make himself feel better.

Baby "Tea Bucket" Huey

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