Akechi Mitsuhide

Nobunaga's maverick general.


One of Oda Nobunaga’s most trusted generals, and a primary military commander of her forces. Something of a trickster and a wild card, he often handles things in his own way and ignores orders from Nobunaga, but she allows this maverick activity due to the results he achieves. Somewhat skilled in actual combat, but tries to avoid it whenever possible.


Akechi Mitsuhide first appeared to the Hashinara during Ashikaga Yoshikage’s inheritance ceremony, during which he sat silently in the crowd and watched events unfold, stealthily leaving long before Oda Nobunaga appeared and killed the soon-to-be Shogun.

Later, Mitsuhide entered Katsusada Shishauezaemon’s tournament as the mysterious Masked Swordsman. Though Hashinara Katamoto recognized him as belonging to the Oda or Tokugawa from the events in Echigo, he was nevertheless allowed to participate without interference.
In his first match, Mitsuhide fought Midorikawa no Moukin-hime. Despite her sharp-eyed hawk, Amadeus, seeing through his first attempts at deceptions, he was able to use a canny combination of illusions to slip past both the bird and his mistress and appear behind the latter. The unseen strike of his magical katana killed Moukin-hime immediately, sending her companion into a frenzy, and prompting Mitsuhide to stay hidden until the bird had calmed down.

Two days after his first match, on the day of his second, Mitsuhide requested an audience with Hashinara Yoshiyuki or Katsusada Shishauezaemon, and was soon in the audience chamber facing them both and the Hashinara’s primary generals. Without much preamble, he presented that he was here to deliver a declaration of war on behalf of the Oda clan, and had just now gotten around to it. When prompted for his reasons, he gave a winding list of accusations beginning with and focused around the Hashinara clan’s unprovoked attack and murder of Hosokawa Gracia, and their related kidnapping of Sen no Rikyu.
Hashinara Katamoto attempted to justify these actions, but in doing so inadvertently admitted to them. As revealed by Ryuuzaki Sanosuke‘s own questioning, Mitsuhide may not have known these things for sure, and confirming them could very well have been his goal all along.
This done, and refusing to offer any justification for Oda Nobunaga’s actions, save that her actions were “in aid of the realm as a whole”, Mitsuhide then took his leave. Quickly following him, Matsumoto Ooawagaeri found that he had vanished, becoming invisible, but was able to follow him by tracking Mitsuhide’s ki signature.
With Amenotokotachi‘s help, he was tracked down to a stable just outside Wakigami’s east gate, where he planned to meet with Saru, cunningly disguised as a haystack. When confronted, he offered that he was only here to deliver a message, and neither him nor the ape intended any violent action.
Ooawagaeri, aided by Ishikawa Goemon, held him there while waiting for orders, but by the time Katamoto had decided on a course of action, Mitsuhide and Saru had vanished, leaving only their ki signatures, which stood unmoving in the stable. When they were unable to elicit a response from either of the Oda individuals, who still seemed very much to be there to Amenotokotachi’s vision, the generals eventually returned to the castle, leaving only Baby Huey to grumpily stand guard over them.

Akechi Mitsuhide failed to show for his second fight, causing the win to default to Fujibayashi Nagato.

Akechi Mitsuhide

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