Covert Kyonshi sniper.


A Kyonshi originally working under the Chosokabe clan. She is able to produce blasts of energy at long ranges which, combined with her skill at stealth, makes her a formidable sniper on the battlefield. Short, slight of build, and with a fair complexion, she is conventionally quite attractive but for her right ear, which appears to have been removed.


Amenotokotachi, along with Umashiashikabihikoji, ambushed Hashinara Katamoto and his generals south of Kongobu-ji in Kii province. She began the attack by firing two long-range blasts at Katamoto and Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, the first of which missed, but the second of which left Sanosuke with a significant wound. When the Hashinara forces closed on her position, Ishikawa Goemon discovered her and she was forced to move, but fumbled her landing after jumping to safety. Matsumoto Ooawagaeri then casually flew over and, while she was prone and vulnerable, plucked off her controlling talisman, rendering Amenotokotachi inert, and subsequently captured.

Amenotokotachi was later revived by, and under the control of, Hashinara Katamoto and assigned as Ryuuzaki Sanosuke’s bodyguard. During the battle at Awa Harbor, she was able to identify several of the enemy generals and engaged the enemy forces in long-range combat.

During the encounter with Abe no Seimei, Ryuuzaki Sanosuke chose to bring Amenotokotachi into battle once again. She fired several shots over the course of the conflict, one of them badly damaging and almost bringing down Kagura, an enemy defensive magic specialist. Throughout, she managed to stay hidden amongst the braziers and other fixings of the room. Her excellent performance during this fight prompted Sanosuke to consider Amenotokotachi for a promotion.

When word reached the Hashinara about possible Tokugawa reinforcements arriving to aid the Oda army locked down in Ise Province, Amenotokotachi was sent, along with Fujibayashi Nagato, to scout for arriving ships. Instead, the two found a sizeable force already docked and preparing to march north up the coast. With her keen eyesight and powers of ki detection, Amenotokotachi was able to, with a broad jump over the enemy camp, determine that the Tokugawa force contained units the Hashinara had not yet encountered, and at least two generals, one with an aura of incredible power.

During the eventual battle between the Hashinara Clan and the Oda-Tokugawa joint army, Amenotokotachi was once again fielded as part of Ishikawa Goemon’s stealth force. During the conflict, she fired several shots at Sakai Tadatsugu and Tanegashima Shigetoki, but the former blocked the attacks and the latter was largely undamaged. As the Hashinara forces prepared to retreat and the remnants of the opposing army consolidated their units, however, she was able to leap high into the air and fire a precise attack through a window in the enemy temple, taking down and possibly killing the commander of the Oda forces, Hashiba Hideyoshi.
Ryuuzaki Sanosuke promoted Amenotokotachi the next day in recognition of this accomplishment.


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