Ao no Kitsunebi

Blue foxfire.


A mysterious individual wearing a fox mask over robes colored white and blue. Holds an interest in Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, and seems to know that he is the Matsumoto clan heir, but motives are unknown.

Art credit: 仮面之人


The blue Kitsunebi first appeared in Matsumoto Ooawagaeri‘s personal room in Wakigami Castle shortly after midnight, accompanied by Vengeance. Not finding Ooawagaeri, who was currently hiding under the tatami with Utsutsuki, they berated their Igamono companion for incompetence, specifically stating that the Matsumoto Daimyo could not be entrusted to the care of such a ruffian. The Kitsunebi and Vengeance then left, seemingly wary of being discovered by the Hashinara’s other generals.
Two days later, while Ooawagaeri was traveling through the market district of Wakigami, the blue Kitsunebi made an appearance alongside Megalodon of the [[Igamono.]] The latter was able to subdue the Matsumoto scion, and they transported him to the clan’s headquarters.
He later was present when Ooawagaeri was taken to the Temple of Kuzunoha, standing guard over the prisoner with his red counterpart while the other Matsumoto siblings conferred with the goddess.

When a force led by Ryuuzaki Sanosuke (and secretly Hashinara Katamoto) raided the Temple of Kuzunoha to rescue Ooawagaeri, Ao no Kitsunebi fought back alongside his sister, using his psychic powers to assault the minds of the attackers. However, he was largely unsuccessful, and eventually slain in combat by the blade of Tanefuji Shinryu of the Tea Bucket Men.
Later, Katamoto attempted to return to the temple and raise the blue kitsunebi from the dead for his own purposes, but the entrance had vanished along with all traces of its existence.

Ao no Kitsunebi

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