Ashikaga Yoshiaki

Shogun of Japan.


A young, slight woman who is the current heir of the Ashikaga Shogunate. She carries a noble bearing and an unexplained injury to her right eye. Though she seems to take her recent position as Shogun seriously, her unwillingness to meet with any powers since taking the post has caused some agitation throughout the country.


Ashikaga Yoshiaki inherited the title of Shogun after her brother, Ashikaga Yoshikage, was killed by Oda Nobunaga at his own inheritance ceremony. After officially becoming the military leader of Japan, Yoshiaki’s first action was to pardon Nobunaga’s actions and the Oda clan as a whole. This action has raised serious questions about her allegiances, and the circumstances behind her brothers’ deaths, but she has refused to meet with any powers to explain herself in the weeks since taking the post.

Ashikaga Yoshiaki

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