Wandering monk.


A tall girl of interminable age but absurd strength and resilience. She claims to be a monk, speaks in an ancient dialect, and wanders the country in search of her master, Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Art credit: そおの


Benkei was mentioned by several individuals under the name Oniwakamaru, said to be the backbone of Wakayama’s resistance against the Chosokabe. She was generally assumed to be a man, and was credited with killing at least 50 of the enemy clan’s soldiers, saving the lives of countless refugees.

Ryuuzaki Sanosuke encountered Benkei during his invasion of Wakayama in aid of Tsuchimi Takasuke. She was difficult to see through the mass of at least a hundred Chosokabe samurai and ashigaru, all of whom she was fighting singlehandedly and without apparent effort.

Some significant time later, Benkei was lured to Yamato province by the promise of a tournament hosted by Katsusada Shishauezaemon. Hoping to reunite with her master, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, she entered as a participant.
For her first fight, she faced off against Chosokabe Kanetsugu, formerly of the Chosokabe clan and, despite a spirited showing by her opponent, won without sustaining a single wound.

In her second round, Benkei fought against the Chinese magician, Huolian. Her opponent began by flying quickly into the air, but Benkei, having seen her previous match, had prepared for fighting an aerial opponent and bore a huge longbow and buckler into the arena. Despite Huolian’s rapidly increasing distance, Benkei continued to fire an arrow each second, each one striking the magician’s shield and weakening it. Houlian herself launched a pair of fireballs, the first glancing off Benkei’s buckler, and the second exploding around it, singing the monk but not harming her in any significant way.
Eventually, Huolian’s shield failed, and one of Benkei’s arrows struck the fragile magician, killing her instantly. Benkei herself kicked off the ground and flew up to her falling opponent under the power of her own ki, and slowed the body’s descent. Upon discovering Huolian was dead, she gravely took out a string of beads and recited a prayer over the corpse.
Hashinara Katamoto then ordered that Huolian’s body be sent back to China.


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