Chosokabe Kanetsugu

Graceful Kyonshi dancer.


A Kyonshi general of the Chosokabe who is lithe, graceful, and quick with both her feet and her wit. Unlike the rest of the Kotoamatsukami, she does not have a title pulled from mythology, and the other Kyonshi seem generally distrustful of her. She has an impressive ego and considers herself to be a vision of perfection.


Chosokabe Kanetsugu led her clan’s forces against the Hashinara clan at the battle of Sanuki province. She was immediately accosted by Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, but despite his surprise attack and the magical fog conjured by Hashinara Katamoto, she was able to dodge his magic and his attempt to pull the talisman from her head.
After several subsequent attempts, Ooawagaeri was able to remove Kanetsugu’s talisman, but it seemingly had no effect, and, after mocking him, she continued fighting. Eventually, she encountered Umashiashikabihikoji in the fog of battle, and the two exchanged harsh words, having had a history together. Kanetsugu dodged the other Kyonshi’s first attack, breaking Umashiashikabihikoji’s arm in the process, but was caught off guard by her second, rage-fueled flurry. The combined force of two powerful strikes from the other’s claws sent her into unconsciousness before she was able to escape, and Kanetsugu was captured by the Hashinara army.

Kanetsugu subsequently spent some time with the Hashinara clan, living in their castle at Wakigami in Yamato province while simultaneously lavishing her affections on and demanding tea and other menial tasks from Matsumoto Ooawagaeri.
Roughly a month after the fall of the Chosokabe, Kanetsugu chose to enter a tournament being hosted by Katsusada Shishauezaemon, in hopes of better catching Ooawagaeri’s attention. She was, however, defeated in the first round by the wandering monk, Benkei upon whom, despite her best efforts, she was not able to inflict a single wound.

Her second match pitted Kanetsugu against Tsuchimi Takasuke, Daimyo of Kawachi. She began the match by moving up to her opponent and striking a defensive position. Takasuke responded with a ponderous attack with his nodachi, the force of which Kanetsugu was easily able to turn against him, flipping the Daimyo and slamming him into the ground with such force that his stomach ruptured in a bloody burst. Miko rushed onto the scene to tend to Takasuke, who would have died without immediate medical attention. The match went, quite obviously, to Kanetsugu.

In her third battle, Chosokabe Kanetsugu fought the Hashinara’s Baby Huey. In a fight with the graceful Kyonshi, the Oni’s strength and force became weapons against him and, though it took some time to finally wear the brute down, Kanetsugu was able to secure an easy win without suffering a single hit.

Chosokabe Kanetsugu

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