Chosokabe Kunichika

Previous head of the Chosokabe clan.


An older man dressed entirely in rags, bandages, and dark clothes which cover his entire body. He was once a skilled magician serving his daughter and the current Daimyo of the Chosokabe clan, Amenominakanushi, but has since been killed by the forces of the Hashinara, and his corpse taken into their custody. Is very bothered by the fact that his mother, Chosokabe Kanetsugu, came back from the dead seemingly just to meddle in the family’s affairs.


Chosokabe Kunichika led the Chosokabe defense at Takamatsu castle in Sanuki province against the Hashinara invaders. Though his strategies and spells, covering the battlefield in a shroud of darkness and then releasing his previously hidden forces, he was almost able to force the enemy army to retreat. The tide of battle turned when Umashiashikabihikoji was able to locate the approximate location of his ki energy, then relay that to the Hashinara archers, who shot blindly into the darkness and killed him in a hail of arrows, putting an end to his spellcraft.

Chosokabe Kunichika

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