Chosokabe Morichika

Daughter of the Chosokabe, cunning psychic operative.


A general in the Chosokabe army and daughter of Chosokabe Motochika, the clan’s Daimyo. She possesses a mischievous demeanor, enjoys manipulating people, and possesses significant psychic abilities which she often employs to these ends.


During the battle of Awa Harbor, Chosokabe Morichika participated in the defense of the port walls, using her psychic abilities to bring Baby Huey under her control and turn him against the Hashinara forces.
Morichika then turned her attention to Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, who was in easy view hovering near one of the Hashinara ships. She fired a blast of psychokinetic energy at him, the force such that his bones groaned and cracked under the impact, leaving him severely wounded. In return, Ooawagaeri cast a spell which summoned a gust of wind and send Morichika flying hundreds of feet into the bay. She soon teleported back and reappeared on the wall, sopping wet and pouting.
Before she could launch another attack, a squad of Hashinara ninja burst from the tower door and she was overwhelmed, suffering a serious wound to her abdomen and subsequently surrendering. Before she could be interrogated, however, she used her psychic abilities to teleport out of her bonds and to freedom.

After the battle in which her mother, Amenominakanushi, was defeated and killed, Chosokabe Morichika escaped using her powers and vanished for a time. After a few days, however, she began appearing in the Hashinara camp, speaking to Chosokabe Kanetsugu and lavishing her affections on Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, possibly just to annoy the other woman.
During the Igamono plot within Wakigami, when the battle with enemy agents seemed to be going against the Hashinara, she appeared and teleported Ooawagaeri to safety. Safety, in this case, was a moderately-sized smithy somewhere in the city, run by a man known only as Masamune. Morichika had been staying with Masamune, him lending her a room in exchange for the use of her psychic abilities in finding rare materials. After a somewhat awkward conversation, Ooawagaeri was sent on his way, Morichika imploring him not to tell the other Hashinara generals, and especially not Kanetsugu, where she had been staying.

Chosokabe Morichika

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