Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of the Universe.


Supposedly the current leader of the Chosokabe clan. The name Amenominakanushi (天之御中主神) translates roughly to “Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of the Universe”.


Kamimusubi first mentioned Amenominakanushi as her former master when speaking to Hashinara Katamoto in the days after her resurrection by the same. She said that this being, whom he might know as Chosokabe Motochika, had designs to conquer all of Japan. While she was not certain it could accomplish such a task, Katamoto himself would not likely prove much of an obstacle.

The Hashinara clan learned of Amenominakanushi’s plans to conquer Japan, bringing about a new genesis, and how she was transforming humans into Forsaken spirits using the void rift above their capital, from Chosokabe Kanetsugu. Their first contact, however, was at the decisive battle of Tosa, in which she commanded the Chosokabe forces in defense against the Hashinara attack.
After only a few minutes of combat, Baby Huey landed a duo of surprise attacks on Amenominakanushi, shattering her body like porcelain and, from the remains, summoning a void nexus which threatened to devour everything in the vicinity. The Hashinara forces began a retreat, but Ishikawa Goemon arrived and was able to silence the rift with a special technique.


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