Chosokabe Nobuchika

Disgraced Chosokabe general.


A tall, slender young woman who is daughter to Chosokabe Motochika and official heir of the clan. She shows great leadership abilities and skill in melee combat. Outside the battlefield, she is serious and holds high expectations for those under her, but has a surprisingly kind side as well.


During the battle at Awa Harbor, Chosokabe Nobuchika participated in the defense of the port walls as commander of the Chosokabe forces. She gave the initial order to attack, unconvinced by Amenotokotachi‘s attempts at subterfuge, but immediately found herself fighting Baby Huey. She was able to fend off Huey’s attacks and Amenotokotachi’s long range barrage long enough for her sister, Chosokabe Morichika, to take psychic control of the Oni, at which point she disengaged and made her way down the wall to the battlefield below.
There, she was quickly surrounded by Kamimusubi, posing as Yoshiyuki-hime, and Tsuchimi Takasuke, as well as a squad of shikigami and a squad of samurai. Though she defended herself well at first, she was soon overwhelmed by the flurry of attacks, and received a serious injury which broke her right arm. After that, Takasuke knocked her unconscious and she was taken captive.

Nobuchika later volunteered to join the forces of the Hashinara after the death of her mother and Matsumoto Ooawagaeri‘s discovery of other rifts across the country. She led a small force in ambush of Hosokawa Gracia’s Oda escort, teaming up with the Ryuuzouji to defeat both Gracia and Sen no Rikyu, but not without significant casualties.

Shortly after the battle with Hosokawa Gracia, Nobuchika proceeded further into Yamashiro with a modest Hashinara force and attacked Harizono Yoshinatsu at his capital. Yoshinatsu was killed without significant Hashinara losses, and Nobuchika took control of the province, holding the fortresses with orders to defend against any hostile Oda activity.

Chosokabe Nobuchika

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