Mysterious Kyonshi necromancer.


A mysterious, feminine figure wrapped entirely in a nondescript cloak and a hood. Her face is entirely covered by similar cloth save for some strands of dark hair and a single, piercing red eye. She has been seen in various locations across Wakigami, and seems to have some dealings with Tsukijo Hanahane.

Later revealed to be a Kyonshi, her motives remain unknown.


The Cloaked Figure was first seen by Ooawagaeri, in the tea house near Wakigami Castle. She stood up and left abruptly, leaving her tea on the table, but Matsumoto thought not to mention it until later. When Hashinara Katamoto and Aotsuki Tsukamoto did learn of the figure’s presence, the three followed her tracks to an alley behind the tea house, where they abruptly stopped before a wall. Ooawagaeri cast a spell of flight to check the top of the nearby building, but found only a section of cracked tiles, as though someone had landed on the roof with considerable force.

Aotsuki Tsukamoto later encountered the Cloaked Figure at Tsukijo Hanahane‘s ball. Hanahane mentioned that she was a traveler from out of province who had brought him some fine weaponry to trade, but that he knew little else. The figure remained at the wine table, downing glass after glass with a grim determination. When Yoshitaka Hitsuie tried to engage her in conversation, goaded on by Aotsuki and Hanahane, she did not respond. Hitsuie then snatched the wine glass out of her hand and the figure reacted with a punch so powerful that he flew across the yard and landed in an unconscious heap by the opposite wall. Sensing the guests’ eyes on her, she then grabbed the jug of wine and ran from the party, escaping the guards with an inhuman jump over the 8-foot courtyard wall.

Matsumoto Ooawagaeri encountered the Cloaked Figure for the third time at Todai-ji, where she was present on the wall during the Gashadokuro attack. Ooawagaeri floated over with a fly spell, but was only able to make out that she was doing something with her hands and watching the battle. When the Gashadokuro was banished, she immediately leaped off the wall and bounded into the forest beyond, out of view.

After the Todai-ji incident, Tsukijo Hanahane visited Wakigami castle and sought audience with Yoshiyuki-hime. He stated that he had done business with the Cloaked Figure, but that she had not spoken or revealed anything about her motives to him. More importantly, however, the weapon that she sold him was revealed to be Ichimonji Sen, a finely-wrought katana and family treasure of the Chosokabe clan. Hanahane found it strange and worrying that the mysterious woman would have and be willing to sell such an important item, and so brought it to the Daimyo’s attention.

When patrolling the streets at night after hearing of recent murders, Hashinara Katamoto and, later, his generals came across the Cloaked Figure in the midst of a zombie attack on the citizens of the Canal District. The figure seemed to have control of the undead, and she and Katamoto eventually battled for said control in a pitted match of magical ability. Katamoto himself was briefly brought under her control, but returned to his senses in a flare of willpower after being magically instructed to cast a spell of domination on Ryuuzaki Sanosuke. Ooawagaeri and Aotsuki cornered the Cloaked Figure on the roof and, after several attempts, managed to disrobe her, revealing her to be a Kyonshi, or hopping vampire. When Ooawagaeri immediately tore the talisman from her forehead, Kamimusubi fell unconscious, or as close to the state as an undead can reach, and was subsequently captured.

Hashinara Katamoto resurrected Kamimusubi with a ritual two days later, placing her under his own control. He proceeded to cautiously get to know her, talking with her, and eventually taking her on walks around the castle. It was revealed that Kamimusubi, lacking a tongue, could not talk and communicated instead by writing. She told Katamoto that she had infiltrated Wakigami on orders from some being she called Amenominakanushi, leader of the Chosokabe Clan. Beyond that, however, she did not know much, not being privy to her leader’s plans, and seemed hesitant to discuss her own past before that point.

Kamimusubi saved the life of the maid posing as Yoshiyuki-hime by throwing her to the floor when she was attacked by a mysterious ninja, later discovered to be Momochi Sandayu. She later accompanied Hashinara Katamoto and his generals into Iga province while wearing the same disguise.
Posing as the Hashinara Daimyo, she engaged the revolutionary elements known as Igamono in combat, successfully injuring several and landing the blow which sent their leader, Vengeance, into unconsciousness. Though onlookers were curious as to why Yoshiyuki-hime was not using her katana, but rather fighting with her fists, they all later agreed that it was an impressive showing of martial prowess.

During the preparations for the Hashinara invasion of Awa, Kamimusubi aided Hashinara Katamoto in reviving and negotiating with the two other Kyonshi and fellow members of the Kotoamatsukami, Amenotokotachi and Umashiashikabihikoji. She also participated in the battle at Awa Harbor, donning a disguise as Yoshiyuki-hime on the short voyage there, and landing the finishing blow on the enemy commander, Chosokabe Nobuchika.


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