Sasaki Kojiro

Master of the heavy blade.


A traveling swordswoman who has taken mastery in the use of her long blade, Monohoshizao, to inhuman levels. Dresses in fine clothing and furs, but has a scathing and acerbic manner, seemingly interested only in honing her craft and winning her next fight. Seems to have something of a complex about losing in combat.

Art credit: により


Sasaki Kojiro first appeared as the “Elegant Swordswoman”, a late participant in Katsusada Shishauezaemon‘s tournament who entered into the slot vacated by Midorikawa no Moukin-hime. She began in the losers’ bracket, and fought Tsutsumi Houzan there for her first match. When Kojiro’s initial strike only slightly wounded the other Kensei, she took the opportunity to use her signature technique, Tsubame Gaeshi, thinking that this opponent may be able to survive it. She was proved wrong in this as the attack separated Houzan’s head from her shoulders, killing her instantly.

Later, Kojiro was approached by Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, who offered her a personal ashigaru to see to her needs, as he had with many of the other participants. Though somewhat rude and short with him, she accepted the serf and apologized in advance if she should face Sanosuke in the tournament. As Kojiro stated, there was someone she still had to fight, and she couldn’t afford to lose to anyone until then.

Sasaki Kojiro

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