First Mate Yuji


The most valued and competent member of the Murakami Pirate crew, Yuji is a small dog. A corgi, to be precise. He has been trained to aid in raids by hounding and biting at those his master attacks, but this goes against his general personality, which is as cheerful, fun-loving, and friendly as a dog can be.

Art credit: あげたけ


In the battle between Matsumoto Ooawagaeri’s borrowed crew and the Murakami Pirates, Yuji faced off against Mori Hibiki, a Bakeneko in cat form, in a classic clash of the species. Though the first mate suffered only minor injuries, he was also unable to damage his opponent, and soon retreated alongside his master, Murakami Zusho, when it became obvious that the battle was lost. Said master was then shot fatally in the chaos of the battle, leaving Yuji lost and confused, subject to the whims of his new captors.

First Mate Yuji

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