The keeper of time.


An ancient and powerful Youkai, as well as one of the major powers in the Hyakki Yagyo. She holds incredible magical power, far beyond the scope of what most mortals could attain, but is only moderately skilled in its actual use. Her knowledge spans generations, but people tend not to pay much heed to what she says, partially because of her appearance, resembling a young girl, and because of her speech impediment, which causes her to occasionally roll certain syllables and makes it difficult for her to be taken seriously.


Hakutaku arrived in Yamato as one member of the Hyakki Yagyo’s delegation from Ise province. She proceeded to participate in the tournament Hashinara Katamoto, in his guise as Katsusada Shishauezaemon, was holding to promote his adoption of Ichinomiya Karen and Ichinomiya Karen.
During her first fight, against Umashiashikabihikoji, Hakutaku defeated her opponent with a single Death spell in the shape of a coiled black serpent, stripping unlife from the Kyonshi instantly. In addition to her role in this fight, she also participated by refiling the magical reserves of other fighters using her own surplus energies.

During the escapade that was Byouyuugan Aika’s second match, Hakutaku was the only magic-user present who was able to see through her deceptions. Perhaps because of her small stature and speech deficit, or perhaps because of her relation to Ippondatara, however, Hashinara Katamoto took her information under advisement but chose not to act on it.

When Okuni was accidentally killed in her match with Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Hakutaku, fearing the consequences should Hitotsume-nyudo learn of the incident, used a spell to carefully rewind time in the area just around the fallen Hitotsume. Kobayakawa “Prince Frederic” Hideaki, who had been lamenting over Okuni’s corpse, was also affected and sent back to the stands where he had begun, but everyone else was aware of just what had happened. Ippondatara explained what Hakutaku had been forced to do and, shaken, Okuni withdrew from the match.

Hakutaku’s own second match saw her fight the pale martial artist, Jijage Koukou. As before, Koukou’s strikes, though quick and powerful, were unable to bypass Hakutaku’s shield. After a time of meditation, she cast a spell which wrapped Koukou in tendrils of light, transporting the hapless fighter several hours into the future. When Aotsuki Tsukamoto, the referee, proved unable to understand immediately what had happened, Hakutaku became frustrated and went back to meditating until the situation was resolved.


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