Harada Sanosuke

Tenth Unit Captain.


Captain of the Shinsengumi‘s tenth unit, and actually the lowest-ranking member of the squad present in Tsuwamono-era Japan, but holds significant pull despite this. Trusted by Kondou Isami, the organization’s commander, and skilled in intelligence gathering and diplomacy, making her the squad’s most apparently mature member, despite their currently childlike state.


Harada Sanosuke, along with the rest of the Shinsengumi, was transported back to Tsuwamono-era Japan by a time-related mishap, a side effect of which transformed them into children. Together, they approached the Hashinara clan for aid in locating one Kobayakawa “Prince Frederic Charles of Prussia” Hideaki, who was believed to have killed the original Kobayakawa Hideaki, thus potentially disrupting the timeline.
Harada Sanosuke did most of the explaining during the meeting with the Hashinara clan’s commanders, appearing the most professional despite showing some annoyance toward Okita Souji’s antics.
The group later apprehended Prince Frederic but, being children, were unable to actually arrest him or deal him any physical harm whatsoever. All involved parties were persuaded by Aotsuki to return to Wakigami castle for further discussion.

Harada Sanosuke

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