Harizono Yoshinatsu

He of unwavering loyalty.


A man of mediocre abilities but strong loyalty who rules Yamashiro province mostly as a proxy for the Shogunate.

Art credit: 添田一平


Aotsuki Tsukamoto of the Hashinara met with Harizono Yoshinatsu to discuss a potential alliance between their clans against the Ryuuzouji, but Yoshinatsu turned him away, citing that he could not in good faith support an invasion against a clan which may not even be aggressive toward his own people. His duty to the Shogunate, he explained, prevented him from participating in this conflict.

Some time later, Yoshinatsu dispatched two squads of samurai to assist the nearby Oda troops in repelling the Hashinara and Ryuuzouji clans who, now working together, had invaded his territory and taken control of three fortresses lining the main roads. These squads, after an intense battle, were slaughtered by General Baby Huey of the Hashinara.

Shortly after the initial invasion into his territory, Yoshinatsu was attacked by a Hashinara force led by Chosokabe Nobuchika, and was killed in battle without inflicting significant casualties upon his enemy.

Harizono Yoshinatsu

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