Hosokawa Fujitaka

Former ruler of the Hosokawa.


The former Daimyo of the Hosokawa clan. A stern man, still hale and battle-ready despite his years, with strong discipline and leadership skills clouded only by his hatred of Youkai and other supernatural beings. This prejudice led to his death at the hands of Ryuuzouji Matashichiro.

Art credit: 山根雪


Hosokawa Fujitaka was pushed out of his home province of Setsu and into Izumi when the Ryuuzouji clan formed and staged a successful coup. He remained in the latter province, mustering his forces to retake Osaka, until he was informed by Shogunate messenger that he would be receiving aid from the Hashinara clan.
His erstwhile allies had, however, first traveled to Setsu and spoken to the Ryuuzouji. On certain shared goals they formed an alliance and the Hashinara soon marched south to Izumi, with one of the Ryuuzouji clan heads as a “prisoner”, to deal with Fujitaka.
When the two clans met, the Hashinara informed Fujitaka that the insurgents in Setsu had been dealt with, and that he would be free to retake the province. Throughout the conversation, however, the Hosokawa Daimyo’s hatred of Bakeneko, and Youkai in general, became clearly evident, and the virility with which he degraded them led the normally calm Ryuuzouji Matashichiro to lash out with her psychic power, freezing and shattering Fujitaka, killing him in an instant.
Katsusada Shishauezaemon then, with the aid of the late Ichinomiya Karen’s ghost, staged a faux assassination of Fujitaka with Crocodile, a long-dead leader of the Igamono as the culprit.

Hosokawa Fujitaka

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