Hosokawa Gracia

Princess of the blossoms.


Art credit: Yoshimo

The daughter of Hosokawa Fujitaka and heir to the Hosokawa clan. Despite her Western-inspired name, she, when very young, formed a pact with Konohanasakuya-hime, the Japanese kami of cherry blossoms and volcanoes, through which she attained significant power. This power made her attractive to the Oda, to whom Fujitaka lent her as a gesture of good will between their clans.


Upon her father, Hosokawa Fujitaka‘s death, Hosokawa Gracia traveled, with an Oda escort, from her position in Owari province back toward Izumi to claim her inherited title of clan Daimyo. However, while passing through Yamashiro, her progress was hindered by a series of bandit attacks. Suspecting her contingent to be the beginnings of an Oda invasion, an allied force composed of members from the Hashinara and Ryuuzouji clans ambushed her at a fortress just outside the province’s border with Yamato.
Alongside Sen no Rikyu, Gracia fought ferociously, destroying an entire squad of Bakeneko and severely wounding Ryuuzouji Takanobu before being brought down and killed by heavy arrow fire.

Some time later, Hosokawa Gracia’s body was resurrected by Hashinara Katamoto with her memories and personality, but not her soul. Ichinomiya Karen helped in modifying said memories, causing the “new” Gracia to believe that she had been saved by, rather than killed by, the Hashinara clan, and that she was an old friend of Hashinara Yoshiyuki. In addition, Hashinara Katamoto requested that she be made to believe that the day on which she had been revived was her birthday, before waking her and taking her, in a fatherly manner, to her “birthday party”, attended by many of the clan’s finest as well as visiting dignitaries.

Hosokawa Gracia

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