Ichinomiya Hachiro

Unyielding Ichinomiya Daimyo.


The elderly Daimyo of the Ichinomiya clan. He is strict and unforgiving, hardened by the loss of his daughter, his only family, decades ago. Hachiro’s growing age has given rise to the question of succession, as he has no living heirs, but he refuses to comment on the issue.


Hashinara Katamoto encountered Ichinomiya Hachiro when he traveled to Ise province with the resurrected princess Ichinomiya Karen. Though Katamoto hoped to use Karen as a bargaining chip, he was surprised to find Hachiro already haunted by the ghost of his dead daughter. Knowing that the one with Katamoto could not be the real Karen, Hachiro ordered his head priest, Matsumashita Daiki to banish the impostor.
With a little help from the ghost Karen, Katamoto and his charge were able to escape, but not without incurring the scorn of Ichinomiya Hachiro.

Ichinomiya Hachiro

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