Ichinomiya Karen

Revenant princess of the Ichinomiya clan.


A teenage girl who was resurrected by Hashinara Katamoto from the bones of the dead Ichinomiya clan princess. She believes that she has somehow been asleep, under a spell, for the past twenty years, and is greatly distressed that her greatly aged father, Ichinomiya Hachiro, seemingly views her as an abomination.


Ichinomiya Karen was resurrected from the bones of the dead Ichinomiya princess by Hashinara Katsumoto, who told her that she had been sleeping, under a spell, in the lands of the Chosokabe for the past several decades. With Katamoto, she journeyed to Ise province and met with her father who, being haunted by the ghost of the real Ichinomiya Karen, believed her to be a fake and ordered his head priest to banish her. Katamoto managed to escape with the corporeal Karen after the ghost Karen provided a distraction, and brought her back to Yamato province.

Several weeks later, Hashinara Katamoto, in his guise as Katsusada Shishauezaemon, decided to adopt both Ichinomiya Karens, holding a tournament festival to celebrate the occasion. Though still not emotionally recovered from her father’s abhorrence, the risen Karen was pleased to find a place among the Hashinara.

Ichinomiya Karen

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