The spirit of the forge.


An ancient, powerful Youkai, and one of the leading members of the Hyakki Yagyo. Ippondatara has only one eye and one leg, the other having been replaced with naught but a thin wisp of blue smoke. This physiology makes it difficult for her to move around under her own power, but she holds an air of confidence and dignity despite it.


Ippondatara was tasked by Hitotsume-nyudo with the care of Okuni within the Hyakki Yagyo’s delegation from Ise, and as such accompanied the younger Youkai to Yamato province to meet with the Hashinara clan. While there, she decided to participate in the tournament being held by Katsusada Shishauezaemon, seeking a distraction during her otherwise boring mission.
During her first battle, Ippondatara defeated Muchimaro Masuyo in a heated battle. Masuyo managed to resist a surprising number of her supernatural attacks, and even bypassed her shields and bodyguard, the golem known as 12-go, to land a few strikes on the Youkai. Having not felt such pain in many decades, Ippondatara responded with full force, and subsequently killed Masuyo by impaling the Bakeneko upon six magically conjured stone spikes from the ground.

In her second fight, Ippondatara was to fight Byouyuugan Aika, but the enemy Nekomata made a mess of the fight by casting several illusion spells before it began, several of them modifying, or seeming to modify, Ippondatara’s own conduct. Sensing her frustration, her golem, #12, took it upon himself to speak for her until the situation could be resolved.
Eventually, Hashinara Katamoto decided to suddenly start the match significantly before he had claimed, so as to offer whoever was tampering with the situation no chance to further muddle it. Aika attempted to magic the referee into believing that Ippondatara had surrendered, and succeeded, but by that time #12 was already upon her and punched her unconscious in a single blow. Aotsuki, thinking that Ippondatara had surrendered, but confused that the golem was nevertheless fighting, held off on announcing any verdict until the situation was resolved. When Hashinara Katamoto drained all the magic from Aika’s unconscious body, her illusion spells vanished, and everything became much clearer.
In a great display of willpower, Ippondatara refrained from killing the Nekomata, making a point of telling this to Katamoto.


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