Ishikawa Goemon

Justice-seeking leader of Goemon's Virtuous Thieves.


The boisterous and audacious leader of a band of virtuous thieves currently based in Yamato province. She is an accomplished ninja, and seems to have an odd obsession with the concept of justice.

Art credit: らむ屋


Goemon’s thieves were scouted by Hashinara Katamoto‘s band to aid in the recapture of Wakigami castle from the Yasutane clan. Moved by the former Daimyo’s tale of betrayal and loss, she agreed and lent them the service of her band under the command of a lieutenant named Raizo. Goemon herself did not appear until the battle at Wakigami castle between Yoshiyuki-hime and Yasutane Enmonzaemon, where she appeared partway through the combat, cutting off Yasutane Katsuhisa’s hand and inadvertently(?) killing him from the shock.

Following the events of the battle of Wakigami, Goemon offered her services to Yoshiyuki-hime for a duration, moved by her tale and eager to fight on the side of justice. The same evening, she was summoned by Hashinara Katamoto and ordered to scout the lands of the Chosokabe, both in order to learn the circumstances of their clan and to search for any evidence linking them to the assassination of those fallen members of the Hashinara clan. More than willing to seek out a potential villain, Goemon accepted and set off, leaving Raizou in command of the bandits at Wakigami.

Some days later, Goemon returned with news of a Chosokabe invasion from the South. The clan’s forces, arriving at night in huge black ships, had made short work of the Umawaru clan and its Daimyo, taking the city of Wakayama and thus the province of Kii by force. Goemon stated that she had seen their villainy and had only stayed to save several civilians and organize a resistance before returning with news.
With a commendation for her information, Katamoto placed Goemon on standby for three days until he saw fit to deliver a message to Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, who was deployed at the juncture of the Kawachi, Kii, and Yamato provinces. She was chosen for this task and given the message, which she delivered to him but hours later. Seeing that he was in the midst of a tactical situation, however, she decided to stay and assist, ultimately giving the signal when Tsuchimi Takasuke was in need of rescue and joining the fray with Sanosuke shortly after.

After the events at Wakayama, Goemon returned to Wakigami, but did not stay for long. Orders from Hashinara Katamoto placed her with Aotsuki Tsukamoto and Matsumoto Ooawagaeri in their mission to Kongobu-ji. When they arrived, she searched the area, and made the decidedly un-justicey discovery that the attending priests had all been killed.
When the identity of the killer had been determined, Goemon accompanied Katamoto and his other generals south, where they encountered the Akaoni. She stealthily cut the ropes of the bridge during the combat, plunging the Oni into the river, where Katamoto was able to place it under his control.
In the ensuing combat with Amenotokotachi and Umashiashikabihikoji, Goemon was the first to find the former, accidentally stepping on her while looking for the sniper targeting Katamoto. She wounded Amenotokotachi, but the other escaped while Umashiashikabihikoji engaged Goemon. Despite suffering a serious wound at her enemy’s claws, Goemon was able to take advantage of the surprise the Oni instilled in her to snatch Umashiashikabihikoji’s talisman from her head, felling her instantly.

Goemon later spread the word that the Hashinara clan was seeking to employ ninja, and subsequently accompanied Hashinara Katamoto and his other generals on their journey into Iga province. There, when they encountered the Igamono, she beheaded a kunoichi in a spectacular fashion, allowing an opening for Fujibayashi Nagato to sweep behind one of their leaders, a ninja called Crocodile, and kill him in just as gory a fashion.
Later in the battle, however, while working together with Ryuuzaki Sanosuke to dispatch the remaining Igamono ninja, she seemed distracted, preoccupied with the interactions between Nagato and Momochi Sandayu, a dark ninja who had come to her rescue. Though Momochi left after stating his debt paid, Goemon said that his presence had still bothered her in a way she couldn’t explain.

Preceding the Hashinara invasion of Awa, Goemon was sent with Tsukuda Katsuo to scout the province and return with any information she could about troop numbers or the status of their generals. She did not return from the mission, and at the begninning Hashinara attack at Awa Harbor, her whereabouts were unknown.
She soon appeared after Raizou blew his conch shell, stating that she had been freed by Tsukuda Katsuo’s skills, and had heard his signal. Goemon faced off against Momochi Sandayu on the docks of Awa, whom she confirmed as being the one who had taught her the ninja arts. She attempted to get through to him with her words, saying that the old Sandayu would never do things such as this, but he ignored her, instead countering her strike with a brutal attack that left a huge gash in Goemon’s stomach, knocking her unconscious immediately and bringing her to the brink of death.

During the deciding battle of Tosa province, Ishikawa Goemon reappeared next to the void of destruction left behind by Amenominakanushi‘s death. Having been inspired by a message left by Momochi Sandayu, she fought the overwhelming power of the rift, shouting her intentions to Katamoto and Sanosuke before using her late master’s secret technique, Kinmon Gosan: Golden Gate. With a flash of light and a blinding golden blade, she cut the void nexus in two, stopping the cataclysm before it could grow any larger.

Ishikawa Goemon was later sent to scout the forces of the Ryuuzouji clan in Setsu province. However, she made a grave mistake when stealthily entering Osaka castle, was spotted, and subsequently captured by Ryuuzouji Matashichiro.
She was later returned to her clan, frozen but otherwise unharmed, when the Ryuuzouji and Hashinara became allies.

During the events surrounding Akechi Mitsuhide‘s declaration of war, Ishikawa Goemon was summoned to the stable where the Oda general and Saru were hiding. She did not fully understand the situation, and asked Ooawagaeri where the evildoers were, but he answered only in cryptic riddles.
Eventually, once Mitsuhide and the ape had apparently vanished, both she and Ooawagaeri were called back to the castle to participate in Hosokawa Gracia’s “birthday” party, a task to which Goemon took with much gusto, claiming she rarely got invited to such things.

Ishikawa Goemon

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