Juntoku no Chukyo

Trader savant.


A young noblewoman originally from Osaka who was recruited by Tsukijo Hanahane under orders from Hashinara Katamoto. Heralding from a long line of accomplished traders, Chukyo has talents in the movement of coin that may exceed Hanahane’s own and, though he considers her something of a rival, he also has great respect for her abilities.
Chukyo herself is a friendly enough person, but is very intent on her work, becoming anxious and annoyed if any tasks remain to be done, and always thinking about new opportunities. Because of this intensity, many men are intimidated away despite her beauty, and her unmarried status, despite entering her late twenties, is a very sore point with her.


Juntoku no Chukyo was recruited, by order of Hashinara Katamoto and his generals, as a proxy to oversee the rebuilding and establishing of trade routes in the province of Awa on Shikkoku. She has taken to the task with vigor, seeking to outpace Tsukijo Hanahane’s restoration efforts in Kii on the opposite shore.

Shortly after the beginning of the tournament held by Katsusada Shishauezaemon, Juntoku no Chukyo telepathically contacted the leaders of the Hashinara clan in order to report that four of the trade ships running the route between Awa and Kii had been attacked and looted by a group calling themselves the Sakurajima Pirates.

Juntoku no Chukyo

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