Kobayakawa Hideaki

"Prince Frederic Charles of Prussia"


Originally “Prince Frederic Charles of Prussia”, but he has recently ended up in Sengoku Era Japan. Thankfully, he speaks multiple languages—English, German, and Japanese.

Frederic managed to blend in well with his surroundings, despite not adapting to the culture or changing his clothes, but in order to make a name for himself and seek the protection of a major clan, Frederic killed and stole the identity of a famous sounding name that he has heard of, “Kobayakawa Hideaki” (the only, somewhat, infamous figure of Sengoku Japan he actually ran into).

Currently, he has traveled to Yamato Province to participate in the Tournament being held by the Hashinara Clan to commemorate the adoption of Ichinomiya Karen, as well as the official declaration of war against the Tokugawa and the Oda Clan.


Kobayakawa Hideaki

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