Matsumashita Daiki

Head priest of the Ichinomiya clan.


The head priest attending the Ichinomiya clan, rulers of Ise province. He is a stern man whose rigidity matches well with that of his Daimyo. Despite his position, he cannot actually see incorporeal creatures or magic.


Matsumashita Daiki originally barred Hashinara Katamoto from entering the Ichinomiya clan seat until he had removed the baby Nue from his person, stating that no Youkai was allowed within its grounds.
Once inside, Daiki remained silent as Katamoto and Ichinomiya Hachiro spoke, but, despite his own misgivings, acceded to his lord’s order that the “fake” Ichinomiya Karen be banished. He seems aware that the banishment did not activate properly, and that something went wrong, but has not brought this to Hachiro’s attention.

After the Hashinara occupation of Ise Province, Daiki was found dead in forests around the capital’s outskirts. He had apparently been killed by some kind of wild animal, the tracks of which led back to the city’s main temple.

Matsumashita Daiki

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