Matsumoto Hiegaeri

Youngest son of the Matsumoto Clan.


Matsumoto Ooawagaeri’s younger brother, and youngest member of the Matsumoto Clan, separated from his siblings when very young. Hiegaeri has a somewhat effeminate and obsequious manner, further accented by the morbid sense of humor which seems to run in his family. Despite his actions against such, he seems to genuinely care about his older brother, and wishes to restore Ooawagaeri to power, regardless of the other’s opinions on the matter.

Art credit: わめき


Matsumoto Hiegaeri was behind the kidnapping attempt that led to Megalodon capturing Matsumoto Ooawagaeri and imprisoning him in an unknown location. He then appeared before his brother, offering to help restore him to power as the lord of the Matsumoto Clan, and overthrow the “pretender”, Hashinara Katamoto, who held the clan’s dark power in his undead body.
Ooawagaeri proved less than enamored with this plan, however, and so Hiegaeri left him bound and unable to use magic, watched over by the blue and red kitsunebi, until their last sibling, Ooawagaeri’s younger sister, could arrive and attempt to persuade him.

Matsumoto Hiegaeri

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