Matsumoto Shirikanitsuri

Twisted daughter of the Matsumoto.


Sister of Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, and second in line for control of the Matsumoto Clan. Shirikanitsuri usually has a sweet, pleasant demeanor, but this lasts only as long as she feels she can exploit whoever she is interacting with. Her true personality is dark, violent, and somewhat distanced from reality. Despite this, she seems to genuinely care for her brothers, in a twisted sort of way, and does not power for herself.

Art credit: 鐵大和


Matsumoto Shirikanitsuri visited Ooawagaeri while he was being held in the Temple of Kuzunoha, which had appeared in Wakigami‘s residential district. Here, she sweetly informed him that Hiegaeri had told her that he was unwilling to take on leadership of the clan. When Ooawagaeri’s answers did not please her, she began to physically abuse him, choking him with the haft of her weapon, kicking him in the head, and, when this did not knock him out, hit him repeatedly with a blunt instrument until he fell into unconsciousness.

Matsumoto Shirikanitsuri

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