Jaws of the Igamono.


A tall, powerfully built Igamono ninja who takes his name from an ancient shark, similar to the fin-like crest that dominates his helmet. Megalodon appears loyal to Vengeance, and willing to use his immense strength in service to the Igamono, abandoning all forms of defense as he viciously rushes his opponents. Nevertheless, he holds a strange fixation with etiquette, often refusing to fight any enemy until they have been properly introduced.

Art credit: りゅーたろー


Megalodon appeared alongside the blue kitsunebi in an attempt to capture Matsumoto Ooawagaeri while he was alone with Chosokabe Morichika in Wakigami‘s merchant district. Though both Ooawagaeri and Morichika could have easily teleported away from the aggressor, the former engaged Megalodon in a bid to see the capabilities of those who were pursuing him. As a result, he was knocked unconscious when the burly Igamono ninja wounded him with his spear, then punched Ooawagaeri into unconsciousness, all the while shrugging off mental attacks from Morichika. Megalodon then grabbed Ooawagaeri’s body and made off at speed, leaving his captive’s weapons and date behind in the streets.


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