Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Traveling sword saint.


A young woman with odd, outdated clothing and an archaic accent who is searching for her servant, Benkei. The blade she wields is unlike anything yet seen in Japan.


Minamoto no Yoshitsune encountered Matsutada Tadamatsu on his return from Wakigami and, after hearing his tale, agreed to protect him from the Hashinara goons who were surely, even now, in pursuit of him. When the goons did show up, they turned out to merely be Aotsuki Tsukamoto, who, with his good looks and charm, was able to explain the situation and resolve it without violence.
Yoshitsune, her services not needed for this engagement, agreed to see Tadamatsu safely back to Echizen. She asked Aotsuki, and the rest of the Hashinara by extension, to keep an eye out for her servant Benkei before taking her leave.

Yoshitsune later appeared as a participant in the tournament held by Katsusada Shishauezaemon to celebrate his declaration of war upon the Oda clan. Having come to Yamato in order to seek out Benkei, who may also have been lured by the tournament, she instead faced a nomadic fighter called Nanami in the first round. Despite Nanami’s acrobatic and mobile abilities being far superior to her own, Yoshitsune’s greater skill with the blade and the power of Shichiseiken itself helped her to win the battle.

In Yoshitsune’s second battle, against Okuni, the two fought for only a few seconds before she attacked the Hitotsume with a series of sword strikes, accidentally killing her on the third. Yoshitsune was devastated by her unintentional murder, and was thus extremely relieved when Hakutaku rewound time around Okuni, reviving her in mid-dodge. When the situation and Hakutaku’s actions were explained to her, Okuni withdrew from the match, making Yoshitsune the victor.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

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