Miyamoto Musashi

Powerful, mysterious combatant.


A young woman clad in heavy samurai armor with two full-size katana slung across her back. She wields both blades simultaneously in battle, and displays fighting skills both physical and conceptual that seem to be almost beyond human in their scope.

Art source: nauribon


The armored swordswoman entered Hashinara Katamoto‘s celebratory tournament anonymously as a combatant. She faced against Tsunawara Mishiko, samurai bodyguard of the Tanahase, in the first round, and placed her opponent at weapon’s point almost immediately, one katana hovering just above Mishiko’s throat. The match was won without a drop of blood being spilled.

The swordswoman faced Nakajo Kageyasu in her second match. Though the enemy Tengu was faster, and too stealthy for her to track, she nevertheless simply stood in the center of the arena, eyes closed and breathing even. When Kageyasu launched her sneak attack, the armored swordswoman’s ki gathered in response and absorbed the strike harmlessly, even as she herself swung both katana in a deadly arc that sent the Tengu into immediate unconsciousness.

Miyamoto Musashi

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