Mori Motonari

Level-headed Oni Daimyo.


The Daimyo of the Mori clan. Exceptionally level-headed, calm, and rational for an Oni, she is an excellent strategist and is said to be unparalleled in matters of both tactics and administration. Though tall for a human woman, she is short for an Oni, and often ops for plain, practical clothing rather than the ostentatious fare favored by other Daimyo.


Mori Motonari was present when Oda Nobunaga disrupted Ashikaga Yoshikage’s inheritance ceremony, and fought alongside fellow leaders Date Masamune, Hojo Ujiyasu, and Katsusada Shishauezaemon to defeat the Oda forces she left behind. After the battle, Motonari proposed that all present stay in Kyoto until the next in line, Ashikaga Yoshiaki, could successfully claim the title.

Mori Motonari

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