Motoyama Tsugutoshi

Deposed Daimyo of the Motoyama.


The Daimyo of the Motoyama clan, since crushed by the Chosokabe. She is a master at defensive combat, and usually has a calm, militant manner, but can be easily overwhelmed by events she doesn’t understand.


Motoyama Tsugutoshi participated in the defense of Awa Harbor alongside the Chosokabe forces, and engaged a great number of Hashinara squads, slowing their advance considerably. When Chosokabe Morichika brought Baby Huey under her control, however, Tsugutoshi’s manner changed entirely, and she began to panic, not recognizing where she was or why she was being attacked by the troops around her. Tsuchimi Takasuke, seeing her reaction, persuaded her to surrender.
After a rousing speech from Raizou, she joined the battle on the side of the Hashinara, and engaged the enemy troops, cutting down several Chosokabe ashigaru. When Ishikawa Goemon was defeated in battle with Momochi Sandayu, she joined Raizou in harrying the dark ninja long enough for Amenotokotachi to kill him with a blast of concentrated ki.

After the battle, Tsugutoshi explained that she was the Daimyo of Sanuki province, and the last thing she remembered was being assaulted by forsaken forces in her capital. Having lost all of her land and people, she decided to join with Goemon’s bandits and use her able defensive skills to become Raizou’s bodyguard for a time, until she could decide what to do next.

Motoyama Tsugutoshi

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