Nakajo Fujikasuke

Agile Tengu general of the Uesugi.


A tall, muscular Tengu woman who is a general under the Uesugi clan and sister of Nakajo Kageyasu. Though she nominally follows the teachings of Shugendo and worships Bishamonten, her personality is much more open than many other of her religious peers. As such, she is often chosen as the clan’s representative when dealing with other powers outside Echigo.

Art credit: 仮面之人


Nakajo Fujikasuke, alongside her sister Nakajo Kageyasu, traveled to Yamato province to participate in Katsusada Shishauezaemon‘s tournament to celebrate the Hashinara clan’s declaration of war upon the Oda. In the first round, Fujikasuke fought Ryuuzaki Sanosuke in a brutal one-on-one melee clash. While at first it seemed like an easy win for Fujikasuke, her having landed several solid blows and weakened Sanosuke considerably, in a final flare of strength her opponent slammed the ground, causing the stone starting circle below him to upend, smashing into Fujikasuke and sending her reeling backward. Sanosuke followed up, pushing the now-vertical stone disc with his shoulder and crushing Fujikasuke’s arm beneath its rough bulk.
Her arm now useless, and at the brink of defeat from her wounds, Fujikasuke retaliated with a single attack, putting all her strength into the strike. When Sanosuke managed a miraculous block with his naginata, Fujikasuke collapsed into his arms, her energy spent. Sanosuke was declared the winner before he, too, fell unconscious upon the ground.

After recovering from the battle, Fujikasuke met with Sanosuke outside of the ring and exchanged with him her respects. Their discussion and shared experiences in battle formed a bond between the two, and potentially opened an opportunity for discussions with the Uesugi clan. Fujikasuke assured him that Uesugi Kenshin, Daimyo of the clan, would be very interested in meeting with Hashinara Yoshiyuki at some point.

In her second match, Nakajo Fujikasuke fought the nature-attuned Nekomata magician, Go-Shirakawa Teishi. Knowing that her only chance for victory was to defeat Teishi before she had a chance to gather her magic, Fujikasuke rushed her opponent, landing a solid hit with her staff. Teishi, in turn, was able to call forth an animal to aid her, an elephant appearing from the air next to her. Unable to believe the ridiculous anatomy of the creature which had just appeared, and unwilling to fight something with a nose like that, Fujikasuke continued her assault on Teishi, this time knocking her out before she had a chance to cast any more spells and winning the match.

Nakajo Fujikasuke

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