Nakajo Kageyasu

Shadowy Tengu general of the Uesugi.


A tall, dark, and silent Tengu woman who acts as a general under the Uesugi clan. Though she is not nearly as open or genial as her sister, Fujikasuke, she is often sent on the same missions as something of a bodyguard, her skills lying mainly in stealth and security. She very rarely speaks, leading some to believe her to be mute, but in reality she simply does not often have something she feels needs to be said.

Art credit: 仮面之人


Nakajo Kageyasu entered the Hashinara celebratory tournament alongside her sister, Nakajo Fujikasuke. In the first round, she fought one Yamanaka Yukimori, a long-time bodyguard for the clan’s generals. Disappearing into the foliage about the arena, Kageyasu reappeared flying behind Yukimori, who had placed his back to the edge of a bridge, and brought him down with two swift strikes. She limited her strength on the second blow, so that while Yukimori was knocked immediately unconscious, he did not suffer any serious injuries.

Her second match pitted Kageyasu against the Armored Swordswoman. Though she was able to launch a surprise attack successfully, and one which would have incapacitated any normal opponent, the swordswoman absorbed the strike entirely with her ki before responding with a counterattack which knocked Kageyasu out immediately.

Nakajo Kageyasu

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