Nishiuwa Matsutake

Genial Daimyo of Iyo.


A humble Daimyo loved by his people and who cares deeply about his province. Nishiuwa Matsutake enjoys hunting and drinking, and eschews the luxuries generally used by lords as symbols of status, instead decorating his audience chamber in pelts and furs, with a roaring fire to complete the ambiance.


Nishiuwa Matsutake met with Aotsuki Tsukamoto, representative of the Hashinara clan, at his castle in Matsuyama, Iyo province. The discussion, turning to military matters, was quickly taken over by Torakuma-doji, who represented the generals aiding the Nishiuwa clan from the Mori to the north. Matsutake did promise Aotsuki favorable relations with his clan, albeit not a full alliance, if they were able to defeat the Chosokabe, who continued to threaten his people.

Nishiuwa Matsutake

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