Oda Nobunaga

Half-breed Daimyo of the Oda.


The current, and controversial, Daimyo of the Oda clan. A Youkai half-breed, she is said to be the product of an illicit union between the previous ruler’s wife and a creature of the night. Nobunaga takes no efforts to disguise her nature, instead proudly displaying her horns for all to see. Combined with her proclivity for wearing crimson clothing of a Western cut, this causes her to cut an imposing figure despite her petite stature.


Oda Nobunaga was first encountered at Ashikaga Yoshikage’s inheritance ceremony, where she disrupted the proceedings and killed the soon-to-be Shogun. She took the ceremonial seal and katana and, along with the ceremonial proctor, took her leave via a hole she cut in the back wall while her troops attacked those in the audience, throwing the scene into chaos.
After the battle, Katsusada Shishauezaemon learned from a captured Oda soldier that Nobunaga had been offering power and opportunity to all those in her holdings, regardless of station or circumstances of birth. Any who wished to join her forces were allowed to do so and, if they proved themselves, were bestowed a flame-infused weapon that granted them powers beyond that of a normal human.

Oda Nobunaga

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