Second daughter to Hitotsume-nyudo.


The direct descendant of the powerful Youkai, Hitotsume-nyudo, making her something like royalty among the Hyakki Yagyo. Has a love of theater, fashion, and other finery, as well as a complex about always being the center of attention. This stems, perhaps, from the many times she was ignored by her mother in favor of her older sister.

Art credit: ムロク


Okuni arrived in Wakigami as the leader of the Hyakki Yagyo delegation from Ise province, accompanied by Hakutaku and Ippondatara, who had been sent to keep watch over her. Seeing an opportunity to place herself in the spotlight, Okuni quickly joined the tournament being hosted by Katsusada Shishauezaemon as a participant.
During the first round, she fought against a strange and flamboyant gentleman calling himself Kobayakawa Hideaki. Their battle was a meandering, confusing affair, full of misunderstandings and comments on each other’s fashion sense, but Okuni emerged victorious when Hideaki took her from the arena in order to purchase a new dress, to replace the one he had torn during the battle. This was seen as essentially a forfeit in the eyes of the referee, and declared such.

Later present when the Shinsengumi attempted to apprehend Kobayakawa Hideaki, under his true name of Prince Frederic Charles of Prussia, Okuni quickly attached herself to Aotsuki Tsukamoto for protection. After the event had been more or less resolved, she made an issue over the fact that she still had not obtained a new dress, and Aotsuki was forced to place a telepathic call to Tsukijo Hanahane, who immediately dropped his affairs in Kii province to travel to Yamato and see to the fashion emergency personally.

Her fashion emergency solved, Okuni was ready to participate in her second match, this time wearing a dazzling new dress hand-picked for her by Hanahane himself. Her opponent for this fight was Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the wandering Kensei. Yoshitsune started by moving forward and attacking, but Okuni quickly teleported away and hid herself in the nearby bushes, waiting for, then seizing the opportunity to land a sneak attack on her opponent’s back. Minamoto quickly dodged, taking minimal damage from the attack, and was prepared to counter, but Okuni teleported away once again. This time, however, she stepped on a branch as she alighted on the ground, and the ensuing snap brought Yoshitsune straight to her. She delivered three swift cuts with Shichiseiken, the first two damaging Okuni badly, and the third one, even with Yoshitsune holding back her true strength, killed the Hitotsume.
Devastated by her accidental murder, Yoshitsune dropped to her knees, but Hakutaku was prepared for such an eventuality, and cast a spell which rewound time around Okuni, bringing her back to life mid-dodge. When the situation was explained, Yoshitsune was overcome with relief, and Okuni, somewhat shaken by the knowledge that she had died just moments ago, withdrew from the match.


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