Boisterous bandit lieutenant.


General Rank: C

A hulking man who serves as Ishikawa Goemon’s right-hand-thief. Standing at just over 8 feet tall, his stature could be described as inhuman. He is jovial in manner and tends to assume the best about people, but is a practiced and critical combatant when necessary.


Raizou was Ishikawa Goemon‘s intermediary between the thieves and Hashinara Katamoto’s band. He was the first to meet with Aotsuki Tsukamoto and Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, and accepted their proposed deal on his boss’ behalf. He later joined their party briefly, helping them infiltrate Wakigami castle and taking part in the resultant battle.

Following the events of the battle at Wakigami castle, Raizou offered his services with Goemon to Yoshiyuki-hime, staying behind and taking command of the bandits while his boss commenced her scouting of the Chosokabe territories.

Raizou was later deployed to the outskirts of Yamato Province, he and his bandits tasked with intercepting any trading caravans passing through the province on their way to somewhere else. He performed this task affably, raiding several caravans and mostly leaving their occupants unharmed, if less a few bottles of sake. Raizou returned to Wakigami for a short time to deliver a letter from Tanahase Muramatsu to Ichinomiya Hachiro he had discovered on one of the travelers. This done, he returned to his bandits and continued his duties.

Preceding the Hashinara invasion of Awa, Raizou and his bandit underlings were recalled from their mission and joined the other troops participating in the battle at Awa Harbor.

Following the Hashinara conquest of Shikkoku and several events after, Raizou took part in the tournament held by Hashinara Katamoto to celebrate his adoption of Ichinomiya Karen and Ichinomiya Karen. In the first round, he faced a female Oni called Joguma-donyo. Raizou’s opponent handily defeated him with her umbrella, but not before he had a chance to invite her to see Okuni’s performance that night in Wakigami.

In his second fight, round two of the losers’ bracket, Raizou battled the noted Tea Bucket Man, Tanefuji Shinryu. Shinryu started the fight with his bow, forcing Raizou to keep to cover as he approached. Even when the larger man engaged the samurai in melee combat, however, it was obvious that Tanefuji’s skill far outshone Raizou’s in terms of combat. Not wanting to go down without a fight, as Joguma-donyo was watching him from the crowd, Raizou put all his strength in a final attack, successfully grabbing Shinryu and hurling him bodily off the bridge they were fighting on and into the river. When this failed to knock his opponent out, Raizou surrendered, reasoning that he had put on enough of a show.


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