Ryuuzaki Sanosuke


Ryuuzaki Sanosuke (龍咲 左之助), a man of exceptional height and physical strength, came into service of the Hashinara only in recent years, but demonstrated considerable martial and intellectual prowess, and quickly became one of Yoshiyukihime’s trusted advisors and strategists.

Unfortunately, Sanosuke was away on assignment during the assassination attempt on her life, which claimed the lives of the rest of the Hashinara family. Ironically, it may be for that very reason the daimyo of Yamato can still count him among her most competent and trustworthy few, not having failed to protect her when death came knocking at the Hashinara’s very doorstep.

Nonetheless, Sanosuke remains vigilant and on the lookout for further unseen threats to Yamato’s daimyo—as though he has something to prove beyond mere devotion to his lord.


Ryuuzaki Sanosuke

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