Ryuuzouji Matashichiro

Nekomata, Ryuuzouji strategist.


A general of the Ryuuzouji clan, and the only of their three leaders to be a Nekomata rather than a Bakeneko. She harbors a cool, calm demeanor and, being the most intelligent among them, acts as the clan’s strategist. Seems bemusedly content to let Ryuuzouji Takanobu lead their army, though she will step in if she feels it is needed.


Matashichiro was present during the negotiations between the Hashinara and her own Ryuuzouji clans. Though she deferred to Ryuuzouji Takanobu as the leader, she conducted most of the actual negotiating herself, helping the younger Bakeneko out whenever she could.
In favor of the Hashinara’s plan to capture Hosokawa Fujitaka without undue bloodshed, Matashichiro volunteered herself to be the other clan’s “prisoner”, exchanging herself for Matsumoto Ooawagaeri as an act of good faith.

During the negotiations with Hosokawa Fujitaka, the enemy Daimyo’s constant disregard and insulting attitude toward Youkai in general and Bakeneko specifically caused Matashichiro to lose her temper. She froze Fujitaka and one of his guards, shattering them into pieces in an instant, killing them both. Later, once Ichinomiya Karen and Hashinara Katamoto had worked together to pin the Daimyo’s death on Crocodile of the Igamono, she apologized for her rash behavior, and returned to Setsu.

After the battle in Yamashiro province against Hosokawa Gracia‘s forces, Hashinara Katamoto and Sen no Rikyu traveled to Setsu with Ryuuzouji Masaie’s soul in tow. Rather than being welcomed, however, they were rebuffed several miles from Osaka. When they finally met, Matashichiro explained that a man with Katamoto’s same mask, garb, and voice had arrived a few days prior with a declaration of war. Combined with the death of Masaie, and Ryuuzouji Takanobu’s serious injury in the previous conflict, Matashichiro had come to the conclusion that the entire event was a cunning ploy by the Hashinara and Oda clans working together to eliminate the Ryuuzouji.
She attempted to surrender to the Hashinara, knowing that her forces were insufficient to face them, but Katamoto explained the misunderstanding, much to Matashichiro’s relief. She then gave permission for the other to raise Masaie as an undead creature, while Sen no Rikyu placed the dead generals original soul in the vessel.

Ryuuzouji Matashichiro

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