Ryuuzouji Masaie

Headstrong Ryuuzouji archer.


A Bakeneko general of the unofficial Ryuuzouji clan who serves as intelligence gatherer, scout, as well as long-range combatant. Her blunt demeanor and scathing tongue tend to make her unpopular with others, but she believes in the Ryuuzouji cause perhaps more than anyone. Harbors a deep affection for Ryuuzouji Takanobu, yet is bad at expressing it.


When the Hashinara clan met with the Ryuuzouji, after being told to wipe them out by Matsutada Tadamatsu, Masaie remained skeptical of the other army. Though she did not openly oppose an alliance, she seemed on edge throughout the entire discussion, and, more than once, spat insults seemingly directed at Ryuuzaki Sanosuke.
Masaie proved to be in favor of the Hashinara plan to take Izumi province without undue violence, but only under the condition that Hosokawa Fujitaka be killed after some well-deserved torture.

Upon discovering that Hosokawa Gracia was moving through Yamashiro province with an escort to claim rule over Izumi, Ryuuzoui Masaie was sent as the leader of a small contingent of Bakeneko and samurai from Setsu to aid in the Hashinara ambush of her force. During an intense and bloody battle, Masaie was severely wounded by a powerful attack from Gracia, then killed by a squad of Oda samurai.
Several days after the battle, Sen no Rikyu, under duress from Hashinara Katamoto, returned to the battlefield and collected Masaie’s soul, storing it in a crystal. The two then traveled to Osaka and, with Ryuuzouji Matashichiro‘s permission, Katamoto proceeded to raise Masaie’s corpse as an undead creature, after which Rikyu returned to it her soul.
Initially confused, Masaie quickly returned to action, somewhat puzzled by her lack of need for food or sleep, both of which the magicians simply claimed were side effects of the magic used to “heal” her.

Ryuuzouji Masaie

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