Sen no Rikyu

Legendary tea master.


A woman who once dedicated her entire life to study of the Japanese tea ceremony. With mastery of the ceremony came a kind of ascension, and she began seeing the world in ways others simply could not imagine. These new revelations brought with them power, and Sen no Rikyu became something not quite human, a being ascended beyond mortality and at complete understanding with the universe.
Now, she lives a life in service of whomever she deems most worthy in the land, currently the young Daimyo Oda Nobunaga, acting as tea master and adviser, and applying her profound magical powers wherever necessary.


Sen no Rikyu was part of the Oda escort delivering Hosokawa Gracia to Izumi province so that she may take over rule of the clan from her deceased father. During the journey, her group was ambushed by a combined force of Hashinara and Ryuuzouji troops, resulting in a long and bloody battle. Rikyu assisted by boosting the natural healing capabilities of the soldiers near her, and assessing the enemy forces, particularly determining the exact nature of the Oni general known as Baby Huey.
Before she could do anything further to assist her own forces, however, she was killed by a concentrated hail of arrow fire which burst through her shield and scattered her essence across the field. It took her several minutes to remanifest, during which time Gracia was killed and the Oda-Hosokawa forces eliminated. Rikyu recovered Gracia’s soul, placing it into a crystal, but was then taken prisoner by Baby Huey, and delivered to Katsusada Shishauezaemon upon his return from Echizen province.
Originally thinking to secure her cooperation by magical control, Shishauezaemon abandoned this strategy after speaking to Rikyu and almost having the same effect cast upon himself. He instead offered her some amount of freedom as the Hashinara’s prisoner if she would agree to help revive Ryuuzouji Masaie, an ally of theirs who had perished in the previous battle.
Rikyu agreed, and was escorted to the battlefield, whereupon she reclaimed Masaie’s soul, and joined Shishauezaemon in his journey to Setsu province. There, after clearing up some misunderstandings with the Ryuuzouji clan, she assisted in reviving the fallen Bakeneko by placing her soul back into her body, which had been risen as an undead creature by Shishauezaemon’s necromancy.
After this, it became clear that the Hashinara, while they would hold to their promise to allow her more freedom, had no intention of releasing Rikyu back to the Oda, so she instead asked to watch the upcoming tournament by Shishauezaemon’s side. The other general granted this request, and together they revived any participants who were unlucky enough to be killed during the fights in the same manner as Masaie.

Sen no Rikyu

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