Sentient blade.


An ancient black sword, decorated with feathers and charms, wielded by many generations of Matsumoto clan heirs. Jigenmaru is sentient, and often speaks to its wielder in a deep voice with a somewhat dark sense of humor. Seems somehow sinister…


The squirrel was captured by Ooawagaeri after a spirited chase around the forests on the southern border of Yamato Province. After deciding to keep it as a pet, the rodent took to chewing on Ooawagaeri’s amulet, and eventually was launched away from it in a bright flash after biting too hard. After recovering, the fuzzy creature spoke to his new owner in a deep, strange voice, calling him an idiot, before returning to being, for all appearances, a normal squirrel. It has refused to speak or show any sign of intelligence since, but seems oddly docile and comfortable around Ooawagaeri.

During the battle of Tosa province, Ooawagaeri threw the squirrel into the gaping rift above the capital. With a flash of dark power, the gateway to the Void was closed, and Jigenmaru, the dark blade of the Matsumoto, fell from the sky and into Ooawagaeri’s hands.


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