Matsutada Tadamatsu

Herald of the Shogun.


A stern, pompous man who acts as messenger and herald to the Shogun and his affiliates. Has a strong sense of self-worth, and is actually quite competent at his job, but often comes across as a pompous coward.

Art credit: 丸丹


Matsutada Tadamatsu visited Wakigami after the Hashinara campaign against the Chosokabe clan in order to question them about their actions in conquering so many provinces by force. Shortly after entering the city, however, he was redirected by Igamono agents, and was told, by an individual posing as Katsusada Shishauezaemon, that the Hashinara clan would not tolerate the Shogunate meddling in their affairs before rudely discharging him from the city.
Once the real Hashinara clan determined what had happened, Aotsuki Tsukamoto was sent to intercept Tadamatsu before he could report to his leaders. The two met just south of Yamato’s northern border with Yamashiro province, and Aotsuki was able to defuse the situation without violence.
Matsutada then proceeded to give Aotsuki his original message, which tasked the Hashinara clan with aiding the Hosokawa in taking back Setsu from the Ryuuzouji upstarts. He declined to deliver this missive directly to Yoshiyuki-hime himself, instead relying on Aotsuki to do so while he returned to safety with his interim bodyguard, Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Matsutada Tadamatsu

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