Tanahase Muramatsu

Mercantile savant, Daimyo of Shima.


Daimyo of the Tanahase Clan and ruler of Shima Province. A calm, intelligent, if effeminate young man. He has a passing interest in swordplay but devotes most of his attention to mercantile pursuits, for which he has shown a great deal of talent.


Tanahase Muramatsu was first encountered indirectly through a letter recovered by Raizou on his mission to intercept non- Yamato trading caravans moving through the province. The letter, which was addressed to Ichinomiya Hachiro, Daimyo of the Ichinomiya Clan, expressed Muramatsu’s condolences for the 20th anniversary of Hachiro’s daughter’s death. He then moved quickly into business, offering to furnish Hachiro’s clan with a suitable heir from the Tokugawa or Oda clans, with a sizable dowry, in return for the Ichinomiya’s allegiance to the larger clans. Muramatsu himself would act as intermediary for any negotiations.

Hashinara Katamoto had previously written a letter to the Tanahase Clan asking for their support in a united front against the Chosokabe Clan, who had invaded Kii Province to the south. Muramatsu replied within a few days and, surprisingly, offered to supply the Hashinara in return for their protection, reasoning that he could not rely on the Tokugawa Clan to defend his province simply because they liked the silks produced there. Tanahase went on to request a diplomatic meeting with Hashinara Yoshiyuki or one of her staff, negotiations for which Katamoto sent Aotsuki Tsukamoto and Matsumoto Ooawagaeri to Shima province.

Muramatsu later met with Aotsuki and Ooawagaeri at Shima Manor in Shima, capital of Shima province. There, they worked out the details of a treaty. The Tanahase clan would grant the Hashinara free access to Shima province and the city’s ports, for both mercantile and military use, and would greatly reduce the taxes on any trade taking place between their holdings and any land owned by the Hashinara. In return, the Hashinara would respond with swift military action against any signficant threat to the Tanahase clan or their holdings.

Tanahase Muramatsu

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