Tanefuji Shinryu

A "Tea Bucket Man" will always be a "Tea Bucket Man" of the the "Tea Bucket Men".


A warrior of the Hashinara Clan and veteran of many battles. Quite content with just serving and performing the duties expected of a grunt, this soldier has refused many advancement opportunities. However, during the most recent battle when the Oni Warrior-General Nagatobimaru, also known as, Baby “Babs” “Tea Bucket” Huey, the Fearless Armored Titan and Undying Specter of Yamato, Destroyer of the Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of the Universe and Void-Wizard Successor of the Chosokabe, Amenominakanushi, Warrior-Teacher and Plunderer of Yamashiro, proclaimed that the men under his command will be known as the “Tea Bucket Men”, this soldier realized that in order to avoid such an embarrassment, he must, at the very least, get promoted once—and as quickly as possible.

However, a “Tea Bucket Man” will always be a “Tea Bucket Man” of the the “Tea Bucket Men”.

Picture: Tanefuji Shinryu carrying one of the Seven Miko that died at the Battle of Kii Province.


Tanefuji Shinryu

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